Thursday, August 13, 2015

Fixing the Podcast Info

Alright!  So when I mentioned on Monday that I put out a new podcast, I listed the RSS feed...but apparently I have to hit "publish" on for anybody to make any use of it.  Well, it's there now.  And it has a name.

I thought of a few names and came up with External Monologues.  Not that it really needs a name, but I thought it would be good in case anyone stumbled across it.  I'll stick to a Monday release date so if you were somehow hoping for a new episode with this post, you're out of luck!  I haven't recorded anything.

Until Monday, check out the link above for the MP3 link or plug this RSS feed into your favourite Podcast app: 

It's not in iTunes yet - waiting until I have a few episodes recorded before I submit it.

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