Monday, July 25, 2011

The Transporter Not Starring Jason Statham

I finally did a daily prompt and actually wrote something today.  Here's the prompt:

Prompt for Monday, July 25 2011:In whatever style/genre you like, spend at least 15 minutes writing something based on the following sentence:
A team of North American scientists have announced what they claim is the biggest technological break-through of the 21st century: they have created the first teleportation device capable of transporting organic matter from one point to another.

And here's what I came up with (after the break)
The Transporter Not Starring Jason Statham

“Holy shit,” Carol said. “It. Fucking. Works.”

Carol held what she perceived at that moment as the most beautiful watermelon in the world. That melon represented the first non-simulated successful test of an extremely complicated transportation device capable of transporting organic matter – like the transporter on Star Trek.

“Indeed,” Leonard said. Leonard raised his eyebrow as he marked down the test results with a pencil on his clipboard. “I suppose you will want to report the results immediately?”

“Hell yes I do, Leonard!” Carol smiled gleefully and gently placed the watermelon on the lab countertop. “But we need to conduct the last test first.” Carol picked up the cutting knife that sat next to the watermelon, and sliced it down the middle. Two bright pink halves fell on either side of the blade. “So far, so good! Ready for a taste, Len?”

“You first, Carol. After all, this is your pet project.” Carol smiled, cut a small triangle from one half of the watermelon. She bit into it and quickly brought her hand beneath her chin to catch the juices dribbling from the corner of her mouth.

“Leonard, it’s delicious! Here, try some!” Carol cut some more triangles and placed them on a paper plate; Leonard reluctantly took the plate, and brought a piece to his mouth.

Leonard frowned as he bit into the slice of watermelon. He set the plate down, and wiped the juice from his mouth with his sleeve.

“What’s wrong? Doesn’t it taste good?”

“Oh yes, it tastes like the real thing.”

“That’s because it IS the real thing. Here – give me the results sheet, I’m going to type up the report now.” Carol tried to grab the clipboard from Leonard, but found that he wouldn’t let go.

“Change of plans, Carol,” Leonard said. “You won’t be sending the report. At least, not the one you want to send.”

“What? I don’t understand…” Leonard quickly pulled a gun from a concealed holster, and trained it on Carol. “Leonard – what are you doing?”

“Making sure this doesn’t get out.” Leonard frowned. “Carol, I’m terribly sorry. You have been a pleasure to work with. But Big Oil Drilling can’t let anything remove cars from the roads.”

Carol backed away, only to bump into the counter. She remembered the cutting knife, and quickly fished with her left hand and grabbed hold of it. “Leonard, please – I’m not afraid to use self-defense!”

“What’s the old saying? Don’t bring a knife to a gun fight?” Leonard let out a chuckle, and kept the gun aimed squarely at Carol’s face. “I don’t wish to harm you either, Carol. Just write what I tell you to, and you can go home. Now move – over to the computer.”

Carol dropped the knife onto the counter, and moved cautiously over to the computer desk. She realized that they would have to pass by the transporter device along the way – a plan began to form in her head. Carol still had the control pad in her pocket; that would be all she’d need. She guessed that she had only about 40 seconds at the rate they were proceeding to the computer desk.

As they neared the transporter device, Carol carefully made a few finger gestures in her pocket – she knew them now off by heart – and prepped the transporter. As soon as they were at the machine, she whipped around and made a quick chopping action on Leonard’s left arm, the hand holding the gun. His hand and forearm were within the transporter pad – and she quickly hit the activation button before he could swing his arm back fully.

Leonard screamed in agony as the transporter removed a quarter of his hand – and the gun with it – and transported it across the room. Carol ran over to one of the lab tables and grabbed the heaviest thing she could find – a large glass beaker – and smashed it over Leonard’s head. He slumped to the floor, unconscious.

Carol began crying, but as she realized she would be able to complete her proper report, a smile washed over her face. As she took the test results clipboard, she also dialed 9-1-1 with her cell phone. Leonard was a nice enough guy – except for pulling a gun on her, of course – the least she could do was make sure he didn’t die.


  1. Nice! You get through a neat, complex plot in such a short time :)

  2. Emphasis on short! I threw that together in 15-20 minutes (a few breaks to do actual work in between).

    I posted this in a writing forum, and it was pointed out to me the "40 seconds" bit is out of place / out of character for the situation and I agree.

    Any other thoughts to share?