Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Disappointment - With a Positive Outlook

Picture shamelessly stolen from Lifehacker
The Machine of Death Volume 2 Submission Deadline has come and gone (it was 00:00:00 July 16th 2011).  Unfortunately, I did not manage to get anything put together for a submission - that's the disappointment part of this post.  I would have loved to put something into contention to get included in a really cool anthology, but I just didn't find the time to put into writing it (and I am purposefully distinguishing "finding time" and "having no time").

So what's with the positive outlook?  Despite my disappointing results with writing so far (I haven't even been doing daily prompts, as was my intention), I still feel like I'm being creative and productive.  And that's despite being in the process of taking my house apart in advance of a September 1st move.  Here's why I feel so creative:
  • In the last week and a half, I've written a review of Titanic II, as well as an off-the-cuff piece about Toronto Blue Jays starting pitcher Ricky Romero.  I really liked how both pieces came out.
  • I feel like Alternative Airwaves is going in a good direction; I'm on a bit of a haphazard posting schedule for the summer (in part due to the move), but I'm doing my best to stay on top of things and pump out what I think is a unique take on the music I'm linking to
  • I actually feel motivated to write & produce new content; while I haven't actually done that as yet, this can only be a Good Thing.  Actually, this blog post really is a result of feeling motivated - I just felt like writing something.
tl;dr: I'm really itching to write about anything.  I should take this as a sign that I should practice my music writing skills (that is, writing about music, not writing music) and also find new things to write about on a more regular basis.  I've said a long time ago that non-fiction writing seems to be my bread and butter, and right now I really want to do more of it.  Time to get busy!


  1. Sounds like you're in a good place, writing-wise! I know nothing about music or baseball (this will be the 4th year I've played softball with my dept. intramural team, and my understanding of the rules is still only sketchily based on the Game Boy Super Bases Loaded, complete with sound effects when I hit a pop fly), and look forward to you/your blogs telling me all about them :)

    PS I assume you're moving within the same city? Or are you headed elsewhere?

  2. Baseball video games usually do a pretty good job of reflecting the rules (it's a pretty simple set of rules to re-create in a video game compared to, say, hockey), I'm sure you have a good working knowledge of the game.

    And yes, staying in the same city. Moving only about 2km down the road, to a better place for less rent. The best kind of move!