Monday, September 6, 2010

Story Idea: Don't Look Up

I got this picture of a short story in my head this morning, and wrote out what I could remember:

A man is sitting at a metal table in a white room. There is a sign that says "Don't look up". Skip forward, two men in suits find him dead (skull crushed or something, don't know); "I guess he looked up."

What I'm picturing here (I think) is some sort of interrogation room for the place that houses the "don't look up" sign.  There's just one question I have for this idea, which would help me figure out what the actual story is:

What the heck kind of place is this that requires someone not to look up or else face death?

If I can answer that, I have a story.


  1. Good question... don't give up on the answer, I'm sure once it comes to you, you can make an awesome story out of it :)

  2. Thankfully it's written down in a safe place, so I don't have to answer the question for a while ;)