Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Linkin Park - A Thousand Suns

After deciding the other day that Linkin Park is my new guilty musical pleasure, I decided to check out their new offering: A Thousand Suns.  Here are my thoughts on the album.

Having not listened to any of their previous albums (that's coming soon), just their singles, it sounds as though this album is a departure from their "norm".  There are samples galore in this album, with a heavier emphasis on rapping in the songs.  There are maybe two-three songs that conform more to what they are known for.

Overall the album plays as one long piece - I can't say that I've really noticed any "track breaks" between the songs when I listened to it.  They all merged together quite nicely, and I have to say I enjoyed the album.  I don't know which track is my favourite, but I did like "Robot Boy", "Waiting for the End", and "Blackout".  No surprise that those are some of the more "traditional" type tracks.

Of the "departure" tracks, I think "Burning in the Skies" is pretty solid, as is "Wretches and Kings".  The best thing out of all of it is that none of the tracks sound like the songs at the end of the Transformers movies (which was one of my previous gripes about Linkin Park - that many of their songs sound similar).

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