Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Battlestar Galactica #17: "Someone to Watch Over Me"

Good Lords of Kobol, I watched this episode what seemed like ages ago.  I haven't had the time to type it up until now.  So here we go, with notes at the end.

I'm so glad that heavily serialized TV shows have episode recaps; it's been a long time since I last watched a season 4 episode, but thankfully all I needed to remember was that Anders is in a coma, and Boomer's back (and in the brig).

I almost forgot that Boomer hasn't had any kind of reuniting with the Galactica crew - it makes sense that the crew's first reaction is to lock her up (she had after all shot The Old Man).  Anyway, about the episode: I should have realized this was going to be a Chief Does Something Stupid episode from the moment the Cylons said they were going to try Boomer for treason.

Thankfully that wasn't the only story in the episode.  ti revolved aroudn a strange piano player sticking his nose into Kara's life.  After a while it became apparent that he is actually Kara's father, though I was surprised to learn that A) she doesn't recognize him until she plays the notes Hera drew, and B) that he wasn't really there.

I guess people just figured, "Kara's crazy!"

I'm curious to know what the significance is of the song Kara played, and why Cavill wants Hera.  Also, the episode got insanely nuts.  You'll see in my notes below, which I took as I watched the episode..

  • Creepy shot of Kara's burned corpse in the mirror!
  • Toothpaste is the prize for doing a good job amongst pilots <- Good touch of realism that's been missing for a while
  • Really driving home the dullness of their current lives
  • Adama hasn't forgotten what Boomer did - linking back to season one.  Tying up loose ends, good.  Also Chief still has feelings for Boomer?
  • Not sure I like the "mysterious piano player" who's suddenly in Kara's life
  • Flashbacks to Seasons 1 & 2!
  • They're doing a good job showing the ship falling apart, but this really should have happened a lot earlier
  • WTF is Cylon Projection??
  • Kara seems to have mellowed out a LOT
  • That burned corpse is just the right amount of creepy
  • Oh Chief, don't do anything stupid...
  • I'm thinking the piano player is Kara's Dad <- wrote that one about half-way through
  • creepycreepycreepycreepy Boomer!!! <- seriously she was the creepiest in this episode.  So terrible.
  • Aaaand more music-activating weirdness.
  • This is officially nuts
  • Holy Frak!  So that must have been her plan all along, to steal Hera
  • The Chief is just not good at decision-making

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