Thursday, November 4, 2010

Day 4

What kind of benchmark is "Day 4"?  I should really be writing this tomorrow.  But who really cares?  I have the opportunity to write a blog post today, so I'm taking it gosh darnit!

I'm going to put my progress thus far in a side bar on the blog, but for now here's how I'm doing:

4188 words, or as it translates to my handwriting, 17 pages.  So far that represents two chapters, though those are being roughly defined at this point and will be fixed up in the editing process anyway.  In fact I am more than willing to bet that these 17 pages would really turn out to be something like 10 pages after editing.

Some things I've learned in the last 4 days: my wrist loves marathon writing with gel pens.  So far I haven't experienced any crippling pain from my writing, so I'll take that as a Good Sign.  Of course I haven't been writing for hours at a time, so that also helps. 

I also learned that the vision in my head is far different from what I'm jotting down on paper - what I envisioned beforehand is not getting written exactly on paper.  BUT again that's where the editing process will help.  I know that what I'm writing now is not doing justice to what I want to come across in my writing, so I'll be able to expand later after re-reading and seeing that it has room for improvement.

I am also, technically speaking, behind in my word count.  This is because Life Happened yesterday, and I only managed two and a half pages.  I just finished that half page, which means I need roughly 10 more pages to get caught up.  Hopefully I can do so, but I have plans tonight - so that may not be possible.  Maybe my friends will understand if I write the novel while we watch a movie.


  1. "Of course I haven't been writing for hours at a time, so that also helps."

    Marathon writing sessions only seem to drain me. I've done a little over 11,000 words so far, and except for the very first hour, that's all been in 15-30 minute bursts. I think it's important to let the creative parts of your brain recharge for a while in between writing sessions. You can crank out 2000 words in a day by writing for 20-30 minutes, three times a day.

  2. No question. For the first two days that's how I managed it...2-4 pages at lunch, write more in the evening. Trying to figure out how to split up 10 pages, well...that's another thing I have yet to figure out ;)