Monday, November 1, 2010

Day 1 in the Books

Day one is in the books.  The shortest way to convey to you how it's gone today, I started writing this post at friggin 2:45pm.  So not very well.  I didn't start writing in the morning, as was my intention.  I wrote approximately 671 words in 45 minutes at lunch time today, which in hindsight is not terrible.  It's just that I feel my prose is terrible and needs major work.

This in itself is not really surprising - I recognize that I am not primarily a fiction writer, and that this is simply a first draft.  Everything can be fixed when I type it up - worst-case scenario, I hire a ghost-writer and be done with it.  Worst-case for sure though, I mean I don't have any money / illusions of making money off this book.

As I said I began typing this in the middle of the afternoon, so please don't feel like I'm being all "doom and gloom" on you.  There's a positive message to this post, despite the negative beginnings.  The point is that I learned something, though its importance is as yet unknown.  For now it's "high" because there's nothing else on the list.

What Did I Learn Today?
I learned ... what the hell did I learn?  To try not to read the story as I write it.  And to describe every frigging thing.  And also to just "not care", which I sort of took from Wil Wheaton's playbook (I can't find the link, but basically he wrote a story entirely for the fun of it, without letting his inner doubting self tell him otherwise.  It was a good inspirational post).

Without really having read back on my work, I already feel that there is a drastic difference between the stuff I wrote between 12:30 and 1:15 and what I wrote after 6pm tonight.  So I'm going to keep on going with that vibe.  Mind you I'm sure half of what I've written is still crap, but that's for Stephen Gower, Editor to decide - not Stephen Gower, Author.

For the record, I am at 1,724 words (approximate number based on an average of 245 words/page).

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