Wednesday, September 2, 2015

X Minus Blog

How do you like that for a witty blog post title?  OK, so I mentioned in my last podcast (link here) that I want to do a show about radio dramas that have been shared on, specifically starting with X Minus One.  Each different show would constitute a season on the podcast.

Originally the plan started out just being to cover X Minus One by itself - and call it the X Minus Cast.  I thought that was pretty clever?  Maybe it's just me.  Since I've expanded my focus, I've been struggling with a broader show title.  Since The Old Time Radio Hour is taken by a podcast that's still updating, here's what I've come up with:

  • Old Time Radio Review Show (or OTRRS)
  • Old Time Radio Show Review (or OTRSR)
  • Old Time Radio Review (or OTRR)
  • Old Time Radio Review Podcast (or OTRRP)
(The acronyms in the brackets would be for the URL - or whatever)

What do you like the best?  I think for simplicity's sake, I like Old Time Radio Review, because you know it's a show already.  And presumably, you know it's a podcast - so you don't need that at the end.  Still, there's a certain naming aesthetic with podcasts that including "podcast" or "cast" just seems to work.  

Please leave a comment (or tweet at me or something) to let me know your opinion!

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