Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Mini Goal

I forgot to write on Monday about my next goal.  I should say, "our" goal, because Vanessa and I are going for the same date (just different numbers).

So just a quick update...Monday I started out with an average weight of 258.4 pounds.  Vanessa and I are going to try to lose as much as we can by March 28th, the Friday of her birthday weekend.  While "as much as we can" is nice, it's nicer to have a concrete I'm aiming for 5% weight loss, which would put me in at 245.5 pounds - pretty much the original number I wanted to hit on my birthday.

I'm going to have to crunch some numbers to figure out the next goal after that, but the next goal takes us to May 5th, so there's opportunity to lose more than 5%.

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