Thursday, June 27, 2013

New blog idea

I've been very neglectful of this blog and my goal this year. Honestly, I feel that most of what I have to say has been said by others, and better at that.

I also feel that I would still like to write. I think a problem I have with this blog is its lack of focus; It's too vague and all over the map.

That's okay - I will still occasionally scribe something here. But I have a few other ideas floating around that I'm going to try working on.

Some of these things may or may not be ongoing projects depending on the scope of the idea. I'll find out as I go.

The first is primarily a vehicle to improve my memory skills. I have a terrible memory. So I want to write weekly about various things related to memory. I'm pretty interested in this one and have a name picked out (I'll hold on to that for a little bit).

I don't have much else beyond that but I will probably post the ideas here as I get them so I don't forget them (see what I did there).

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