Friday, January 13, 2012

2012 Priorities

I'm going to straight out save myself from not fulfilling "New Year's Resolutions" by calling them my priorities for 2012.  SO THERE DEAL WITH IT

My priorities for 2012 are probably not unlike many other peoples', with the key difference being I am me and not other peoples.  Uh, yeah.  Anyway, my priorities:

1) Weight Loss
I started the year with a bang, losing 8 pounds - of course that was mostly due to an ugly stomach flu.  Considering I don't count on having a stomach flu every month, my priority here is to come up with an organized and realistic-according-to-circumstances plan and to actually execute it.  Using 284.6 as my start weight, I hope to go down to at least 250.

2) Writing
Look, I'm not a fiction writer - that much I've learned and established over the last two years.  I just don't have the motivation - or more likely the focus - to put together a well-crafted story.  Maybe I'll bang out a couple of ficlets here and there, but my priority for 2012 is writing for my podcast.  Nothing extensive, but the goal here is 1-2 posts per week about music in some form or another.  Also lesser priority is writing at least once a week here about something.

3) Sorting out leisure time vs work time
I don't mean this as in recognizing "Oh, I go to work Monday-Friday during the day that's my work time" - rather, I mean taking care of things around the house that need doing, maintaining a podcast/music blog, and that sort of thing, before I waste time by playing NHL 2004 or watch a movie.  Luckily I already don't waste very much time sitting in front of a computer at home, so it's the TV watching that needs to be curbed.

4) Be better with money
Pobody's Nerfect, as Marge Simpson might say.  This isn't so much a priority I wish to discuss publicly, but is listed here for completeness' sake.  Basically though, this is more about saving more money and spending less, but pretty much everybody should be doing that anyway.

So no specific goals, but I just thought I'd get them down somewhere.


  1. Good luck! Although these are all excellent priorities, my favourite is your label for this entry :)

  2. Ah yes, I had a laugh at that myself. I forgot to list a fourth priority: to read 25 books this year. So far I have read 2, and pretty well on the way to finishing a 3rd this month. So far so good!

  3. *fith* priority. "There are...four! Priorities!" etc.