Monday, September 19, 2011

Brief Thoughts: "Caprica" Pilot, Doctor Who S06E09 "Night Terrors", + Cover Me Canada

I watched a bunch of things over the weekend and got a ton accomplished at home, so I'll condense it all into a few brief thoughts.  Word of warning, there are potentially some spoilers happening below. Here's a little jump in case anyone with spoilerphobia comes across this in a google search or something.

A warning, these thoughts are not organized in any way. They've been swirling around in my head throughout the whole weekend, so they may have been diluted by time slightly.

Caprica Pilot: I've been wanting to watch this series for a long time, ever since I finished the Battlestar Galactica run. Going in, I was expecting this to be about the invention of the human Cylon models, but I was (partially) way off.  What I got was a really clever show that was knee-deep in sci-fi and technology, which also happens to be completely opposite of Battlestar Galactica.  There were also some dramatic elements that I thought were quite cool, but also some strange stereotyping going on (Taurons = Italian mobsters?).  Also, a crazy reveal at the end that I should have seen coming: this show is featuring Admiral Adama as a kid.  I should have seen it coming simply because I knew in the back of my head from BSG that Adama's father was a lawyer, and his father is one of the lead characters.  Also: Eric Stoltz is in this as Daniel Greystone. Holy crap!

Doctor Who S06E09: "Night Terrors": I know, I know - I'm like three weeks behind now.  But my excuse is my computers suck at watching high-quality videos online, so I couldn't watch it via and I had to wait until I homebrewed my Wii (also why I waited so long to watch Caprica).  Anyway, I thought this was a bit of a refreshing change from the huge mytharc* of season 6, but only because I'm downright confused by said arc. I'd like a resolution, but I'm not 100% sure what's going on. Also, a door randomly closed in the house (because of the wind) while I was watching and it freaked me out for a few seconds.  I'm still not sure if I liked the end of this episode, even though it did make sense in the end.

Cover Me Canada: I was really looking forward to this show - even though the dumbheads at CBC debuted it opposite the Emmys.  Why would you even do that? It's like scheduling a new show to debut opposite the Superbowl (well, maybe not as crazy stupid as that).  Anyway, I thought that some of the bands were good, but it got me wondering: "Is this really the best 8 bands that applied to the contest?"  It at least reminded me that there are way better musical groups in Canada than what we were presented with. It seemed like the host (I don't even know who she is, some British lady) was flubbing up a lot, and Jordan Knight didn't really want to be on the panel; although, he certainly let it know when he disliked one performance in particular. I think he was the only one (other than that bald guy) who did so.

* - Did I use the term correctly?

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