Monday, August 30, 2010

Revisionist History

This is the post where I finally admit that I write a lot of posts, frequently.  I would space them out a week at a time, but the problem is that some of them become less relevant the more I sit on them.  Okay, I'll try to space out posts like these, I promise.  Non time-sensitive posts will go up when they go up.

Anyway I just wanted to point out that you'll never see a group of people so into revisionist history than sports fans.  I admit I'm guilty of being a revisionist myself - and the best example I can think of is the recent departure of Anton Volchenkov from the Ottawa Senators to the New Jersey Devils.

For the longest time Volchenkov was our darling defenceman - the shot blocking leader, he was the best D-man available in the league.  But as soon as it started to become evident that he was going to be testing free agent waters, we (we fans, that is) started to notice some problems in his game.  He can't handle the puck if his life depended on it.  He could get injured any day - don't sign him for more than two years!  And so on.

The same sort of thing happened with Dany Heatley, but mostly that was because he was a dick about the whole "requesting a trade" deal.  Still, revisionist history is at its peak in sports.  Any other prime examples out there?  In sports, or in anything else.

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