Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Life Reboot #2: Get Organized

This is going to be part of a series of three posts about what I'm doing as of February 1st to get back on track with various things.  I wrote about it last week if you'd like to read more.  Read my first entry, Get Healthy, to catch up.

Get Organized.

This is something I always struggle with, and something I want to improve upon.  Before the new year, I started keeping a notebook in a hybrid version of the Bullet Journal.  At Christmas I got some brand new Moleskine journals that I really love, so will be using those going forward for my journals.

This part of the process isn't nearly as involved as getting healthy, but still pretty important.  Here's what I need to do (or keep doing).

Stay up to date with notebooks.

A no-brainer; this notebook system is only as useful as I keep it updated.  Previously I was going several days in a row without updating it, and some days I'd check it every day.  I need to be checking it every day.

Write down important things. 

Another no-brainer.  If I don't write anything down, I won't remember them.  If I'm not able to write down what I need to in my main notebook right away, then I need to write it on anything available - scrap paper or my cell phone.

That's it!  Last entry coming Friday.

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