Thursday, January 26, 2012

ShoStoWriMo and other things

Just thought I'd make a new blog entry, since I've apparently been doing one a week or so thus far this year.  I think?  Anyway why not keep up with that trend?

An idea I thought of earlier this week was to do something I call, "ShoStoWriMo".  Now, very likely this acronym already exists on the Internet somewhere, and maybe you can guess what it stands for: Short Story Writing Month.  I'm not joining in any pre-existing challenge (again, I'm sure there is one), but rather giving one to myself.  The challenge: write 4 short stories in a month, one per week, and publish each of them regardless of quality / whether or not they're actually complete.

The idea behind this challenge is simply to get me to write a story and post it online.  I've written / started far too many things that I say I'll post but never do.  So this time, I have to - even if I don't end up finishing a story.  My target month for this is April, but I may push it back to May - we'll see.  I just wanted to throw it out there.

Other things
There's not too much - except it's All-Star weekend here in Ottawa.  I really wish I had tickets to see the game, but I will have to settle for watching it in HD at home (because I just got HD, you see, only a month after getting an HDTV).  If I can I will also record the skills competition, but that is depending on whether I can get my technology to cooperate with me (I don't have a PVR with my HD box, but I do have a DVD-R).

As a result my podcast this week will be peppered with random All-Star game trivia.  Now I have to go and research some of this trivia while also picking music.  What have I gotten myself into?


  1. I noticed a ShoStoWriMo facebook page, but it has not been active since December 2009. I just posted a message there as well. The FB page used December as SSWM, but since NNWM is November, folks might burn out quickly on writing more (As if it's such a chore to those who love to do it!). I have seen elsewhere that May is Short Story Month (as in appreciation, rather than writing), so why not call May the "official" ShoStoWriMo, get as many fellow authors, writers, and literary enthusiasts to participate? I'm still looking for the "Official" ShoStoWriMo page (if one even exists yet--it might, but it's not well publicized yet).

  2. Thanks for the comment! To be honest, I never followed through with this challenge (there's a follow-up post somewhere). I've also since come to the decision that fiction writing really isn't for me - so hopefully someone out there has or will organize a proper Short Story Writing Month for you!